Lawn aeration in Maidstone, Malling & Medway

Lawn aeration is a mechanical process that has huge benefits for your lawn:

  • Relieves compaction and opens the ground to enable air, water and nutrients to reach grass roots
  • Creates clear areas for grass roots to spread into, thickening your lawn.
  • Creates a seed bed when over-seeding your lawn

Our professional petrol powered lawn aerator machines punch thousands of small holes in the surface of your lawn. Fitted with changeable, heavy duty steel blades, we can solid tine, fracture tine or hollow tine your lawn, depending on it’s needs.

When should lawn aeration be done?

Lawn aeration can be carried out at any time of the Year, except when the ground is frozen or waterlogged.

How often should lawns be aerated?

Lawn aeration is one of the best things that can be done to improve and maintain the health of your lawn.
Sports grounds will aerate their pitches and courses many times a year. This is not usually required on a domestic lawn, due to lighter use. We do recommend at least an annual aeration for most lawns, it really does make a difference!

How do I book a lawn aeration?

Lawn aerating is included in our lawn improver visit and lawn renovation service. It can also be booked as a stand alone service.

Our lawn nutrition programme starts from just £15 per month. You can then add our lawn aeration service or lawn improver visit as needed.

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