Lawn Enhancer Package - for ongoing lush lawns

Lawn Enhancer Package - improving lawn health, vitality and thickness

We can transform YOUR lawn!

Lawns benefit from regular scarification, aeration and over-seeding. Our lawn enhancer package is recommended to maintain a lush, healthy and vibrant lawn in conjunction with our regular lawn weed and feed treatments. We provide our aeration, scarifying and seeding services in the Spring or Autumn, which are the best times to allow the seed to germinate and your lawn to thicken after this treatment. 

Lawns are our passion – we want to give you a lawn to be proud of!

Lawn Enhancer Package

Great if your lawn needs a bit of TLC and important cultural treatments to help improve the health and sward density of your lawn:

Available as an addition to our Annual Lawn Treatment Programme:

Lawn aeration

Two pass lawn scarification

Over-seeding of bare patches in your lawn with quality grass seed

Lute / drag-mat seeded areas

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To measure your lawns, please visit Google Earth. Enter your postcode to find your property, then click on the measure icon (looks like a ruler). Drop the points around your lawn, it will then display the total area in SQM.

Please note that we require straight, clear external access of at least 80cm wide with less than 3 steps from road to lawns to provide our Lawn Enhancer Package. 


Lawn aeration is undertaken using our professional aerating machines. This is one of the most important things you can do for your lawn, so is included as part of our Standard Programme.
Regular use of your lawn will cause the soil particles to become squashed together and compacted, leaving little space in the soil for water, air or nutrients, all of which are essential for the survival of grass.
Aerating opens up and de-compacts the soil in your lawn, enabling water, air and vital nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Roots will be encouraged to grow thicker, increasing disease resistance and promoting lush growth. 


Lawn scarification is the mechanical process of removing excess thatch and moss from the base of your grass plants. These absorb water and nutrients, and block light, effectively choking your lawn. Scarifying will open up the lawn surface, and prune lateral grass roots, encouraging your lawn to thicken and the grass to grow with vigour. 
Scarifying should be undertaken every 1-3 years, depending on the individual requirements of your lawn. Lawns containing a large proportion of fescue grasses will produce more thatch than rye based lawns, so need more regular scarification.


As grass plants die from old age and disease, your lawn will naturally thin out. In wild grass areas, the seed produced by the grass plants will replenish the dead plants. Regular mowing of managed lawns removes these natural seeds, so the lawn will gradually become thinner. Over-seeding will thicken your lawn, filling bare patches that would otherwise provide ideal areas for the invasion of moss and weeds. We prepare the lawn surface to an ideal seedbed with our scarifier prior to seeding, then rake or drag mat the seed deep into the surface to improve germination rates.
We use top quality rye and fescue cultivar grass seed, ideal for hard wearing, great looking lawns.