Lawn over-seeding

Lawn over-seeding in Maidstone, Malling & Medway

Grass, being a plant, has a natural life span. In wild conditions the grass plant will create seed to maintain the thickness of the grassland.

In domestic lawns, regular mowing prevents this natural re-seeding, causing lawns to gradually thin out over time.

Removing weeds, moss and thatch, especially after scarifying, can leave bare, open patches in your lawn.
Unless seeded, these can quickly become taken over by more weeds and moss, rather than grass. This is why we over-seed your entire lawn as part of our lawn renovation service.

What grass seed do you use on lawns?

Being an independent lawn care company enables us to select from a range of top quality grass seeds. For family lawns we generally use a mix of dwarf perennial rye and fescue cultivars. This gives a fantastic appearance, high wear resistance, and more even year round colour. 
We can also apply more shade tolerant species, depending on the needs of your lawn.

How do you over-seed a lawn?

Just throwing grass seed on bare soil will rarely produce any great results.
We carefully prepare your lawn surface to create an ideal seed bed with aeration and scarification before working the seed into the resulting tilth with lutes or drag mats. We will also apply and organic top-dressing to further protect the seed and encourage germination as part of our lawn renovation service. We apply more seed than is actually needed, to allow for some being eaten by birds (especially wood pigeons!) and any that don’t germinate properly.

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