Lawn Soil Improver Service in Kent​

Lawn soil improver package - improves lawn soil structure and quality to boost lawn health.

Healthy soil for a healthy lawn!

Being a plant, grass benefits from a healthy, friable, free draining soil.
Grass roots grow in the space between soil particles, so heavy, compacted soil stunts root growth and leaves the lawn open to the effects of drought and diseases. 

Aerating will open up the soil, and our fracture tine aerators create fissures around each hole, increasing the space for healthy root growth. We add our specialised soil improver alongside this aerating, as this gets it deep into the root zone where it can work most effectively.

Our soil improver is a blend of minerals, humic acid and organic matter that will help deflocculate clay soils, buffer low PH, increase soil microbial activity and encourage root development.

We recommend this treatment is undertaken at least annually for best results. The soil and lawn health will improve with each treatment.

Lawns are our passion – we want to give you a lawn to be proud of!

Soil improver package

Aerates and improves structure, PH and microbial activity in the soil:

Lawn aeration with our deep fracture tine aerator

Application of our specialised soil improver


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Please note that we require straight, clear external access of at least 80cm wide with less than 3 steps from road to lawns to provide our Soil Improver package.