Lawn top-dressing in Maidstone, Malling & Medway

We top-dress your lawn as an add on service to your seasonal lawn treatment programme part of our lawn restarter process.

Using an organic top-dressing material will aid grass seed germination and add nutrients to your soil. It will also help your lawn recover after our heavy scarification.

How do you top-dress a lawn?

We spread the top-dressing over your lawn, then work it in to the grass and smooth the surface with a lute or drag mat.
It’s important not to smother your existing lawn, which is why only a thin covering is applied at any one time.

How do I book your lawn top-dressing service?

Our lawn top-dressing service is included in our lawn restarter service.

Simply click on the button below to request your Free, no obligation estimate and take the next step to transforming your lawn!