Lawn Restarter Package

Lawn Restarter Package - bring tired lawns back to life at a fraction of the cost of re-turfing


Ideal for lawns prone to thick thatch, moss or those with more weeds than grass.

Only available in conjunction with our Annual Lawn Treatment Programme:

Lawn aeration

Renovation scarification, 2-4 passes to clear heavy surface thatch

Application of water conserver to retain moisture and improve seed germination

Soil improver applied to improve soil structure, buffer soil PH, improve microbial activity and encourage strong root growth

Over-seed entire lawn with high quality grass seed, using finest fescue and perennial rye cultivars, coated with fertiliser for enhanced establishment

Smooth surface with lute or drag-mat, working seed and dressing into sward

Please note that our seasonal lawn treatments are only available in the Maidstone area, postcodes ME14, ME15, ME16, ME17, ME18, ME19, ME20.
To measure your lawns, please visit Google Earth. Enter your postcode to find your property, then click on the measure icon (looks like a ruler). Drop the points around your lawn, it will then display the total area in SQM.

Lawn renovation day 1


After 4 weeks

Lawn Renovation 2 weeks

With ongoing seasonal treatments


If you have a tired, worn patchy lawn, our Lawn Restarter Package can bring it back to life.
Unlike basic lawn renovations offered by other lawn care companies, this really is a comprehensive rejuvenation, including a soil improver and water conserver treatment.

This is an ideal way transforming tired, bare, or heavily thatched lawns at a fraction of the cost of re-turfing. It’s a great annual package for heavily used lawns, helping to improve the soil structure and grass health each season.

Our experienced technicians take pride in transforming lawns, and we are proud members of the UK Lawn Care Association for your assurance of our quality.

Based in Bearsted, we renovate and restore lawns in Maidstone, Lenham, Harrietsham, Aylesford, Kings Hill, Harrietsham, Grove Green and surrounding areas. If you were thinking about re-turfing, our Ultimate Package could give you the desired result at a fraction of the cost.

Does your lawn look past its best? Our Lawn Restarter Package is far cheaper than re-turfing, making it ideal for both small and large lawns.


Using our professional aerating machines, we make thousands of small holes in the surface of your lawn. 
Aerating opens up and de-compacts the soil in your lawn, enabling water, air and vital nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.  


Renovation scarification will strip out dead moss and thatch, and create the ideal seed bed your new grass. Clearing this debris opens up the lawn surface, allowing water, air and nutrients to reach and nourish the soil.

We use top quality rye and fescue cultivar grass seed, ideal for hard wearing, great looking lawns. We can tailor make a seed mix to suit the requirements of your lawn.

Water conserver

With our recent hot, dry Summers, we apply a specialist wetting agent as standard with our Lawn Improver Visit.
This granular product can be effective for up to 3 months.
Working to increase moisture retention in the soil profile and availability of water to the grass roots, this treatment is ideal for lawns prone to dry patch.
In dry conditions the soil can develop a fungus that actually repels water and makes the soil hydrophobic, this treatment helps to combat this issue.
It reduces the amount of watering required as it makes the best use of any available water, which is great for you, the environment and your lawns.

Soil improver

This mix of essential minerals, gypsum, humic acid and organic materials is applied as standard with our Autumn lawn treatment, and an additional application is added with our lawn enhancer treatment.
Lawns with poorer soil profiles will benefit from an addition Winter or Spring application of our soil improver, especially in addition to an aeration.
The benefits of this treatment are:
Buffers soil PH.
Deflocculates heavy clay soils for increased drainage and nutrient uptake.
Aids root development.
Stimulates microbial activity for a healthy soil and healthy lawn.

Looking after your newly renovated lawn:

It is vitally important that your newly renovated lawn is watered regularly until established. The seed will take around 14 days to germinate, depending on temperature, and once germinated the seedlings will die if they dry out.
We normally only undertake lawn renovation visits during September and October, as the soil is still warm, and less likely to quickly dry out than in the Summer.
Your lawn will recover and grow ready to be enjoyed the following Spring.

It is important to keep off the lawn as much as possible for the first 4-6 weeks, as the seedlings are delicate and easily damaged by trampling.

Mowing can be undertaken once the lawn is thick and established. You should just take the very top of the grass off during the first mow, then gradually reduce cutting heights with each mow. The key is to not remove more than 1/3rd of the grass blade height in any one mow.
The eventual height of the grass should be 25-30m, depending on grass species and season.

Why choose us?

  • Local, non-franchised, family run business
  • Access to a far wider range of treatments as we are not tied to a franchise
  • Bespoke lawn care tailored to the needs of YOUR lawn
  • Experienced, trained lawn-care technicians qualified to minimum of NPTC PA1 & PA6
  • Fully insured for the work we undertake
  • We only use professional grade equipment and quality materials, many of our treatments are only available to licensed professionals
  • We love lawns and are passionate about giving our clients lawns they can be proud of

Areas covered:

DA13, Cobham, Meopham, Sole 
ME1, Rochester
ME2, Cuxton, Halling, Strood
ME6, Snodland
ME14, ME15, Bearsted, Detling, Grove Green, Maidstone, Penenden Heath, Weavering
ME16, Allington, Barming
ME17, Boughton Monchelsea, Chart, Coxheath, Hollingbourne, Hucking, Harrietsham, Lenham, Linton
ME18, Mereworth, Teston
ME19, Birling, East Malling, Kings Hill, West Malling
ME20, Aylesford, Larkfield

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