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Below are some of the  questions we are regularly asked. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any additional information not covered. 

General Questions:

Our founder, Gary Bashford has been professionally transforming lawns since 2004. We lay thousands of square metres of turf and treat several acres of lawns each year. We are renowned for providing the very highest quality of workmanship and have worked on major football pitches, sports grounds and prestigious domestic lawns.

We are based in Bearsted, Maidstone and will cover most of Kent and South East London for turfing and wildflower turf laying. Our lawn care and renovation services are available in Maidstone, Malling and Medway areas.

We are City & Guilds NPTC PA1 & PA6 qualified, a legal requirement for using most professional lawn treatment products.

We are also audited and accredited by BASIS Lawn Assured and The Amenity Standard and attend regular industry update training.

Yes, we hold Public Liability Insurance and Employer Liability Insurance 

We specialise in lawn services in able to be the very best in this area.
Part of the preparation for this work can include garden clearance, groundworks, lawn drainage and ground levelling, but we are unable to provide services such as paving, walling or fencing.

No. Unfortunately due to the heavy, bulky nature of our professional equipment, and the type of materials we use (soil, turf), we need straight, clear external access from the road to your lawns of at least 80cm wide and with no more than 3 steps.
For our lawn care services we need access to your lawn at a time to suit our route for that day, so need access through an unlocked side gate if you can’t guarantee to be home each time.

No, we are a small, independent family run business. This enables us to provide the best solutions for your lawn, along with friendly, prompt, high quality service.

Whilst the scarification and top-dressing included in our Lawn Restarter Package will help smooth out small surface imperfections and bumps, re-turfing your lawn is the best way to level a bumpy or uneven lawn. We can also make changes to the soil and improve drainage at the same time.

Yes we can repair your lawn. It is important to address the cause of the bare patches first, especially if they are caused by leather jackets or chafer grubs. Please see our Lawn Pest Control page for more info.

Our Lawn Booster Package will help restore a tired, patchy lawn, or for those that seem beyond repair, our Lawn Restarter Package or Lawn Turfing Services will give you a stunning new lawn.

Turfing & Lawn Renovation Questions:

Our turf is grown by specialist turf growers who are members of TGA. Using blends of specialist lawn grass cultivars, selected for disease resistance, appearance, hardiness and strength, these are designed to give great looking lawns. 
We can source specialist turf for sloping areas, shady lawns, exposed sites and drought prone lawns.

Our turf is harvested to order and delivered straight from the growers to your garden for us to install.
It takes a lot of experience to prepare the ground properly for turfing, so we recommend you use us for the full turfing project.
We can have turf delivered to you from our suppliers with 3-4 day’s notice if you’d prefer to turf your own lawn, please call for details on 07894 107876.

Please see our turfing page for a step by step guide to our turf installation process.

We base our prices on providing the very best quality lawn installation, utilising years of knowledge and experience, top quality turf and professional equipment. We manage to provide all this for a similar cost to that charged by a general builder or landscaper, who rarely have the knowledge or equipment to do anywhere near as good a job! We provide great value for a top quality lawn, so please request your FREE online turfing estimate today!


We usually strip off your old turf with our professional turf cutters. This will normally require a 4 yard skip per 100 Sqm of lawn area.
We ask our clients to order the skip to be delivered the day before we are due to turf your lawn to avoid any delays on the day.

For smaller lawns or where skips aren’t practical, we can use our stone burier machine to shred the old lawn and bury the vegetation around 75-100mm beneath the surface. There will still be some offcuts and pallets to dispose of, but these are often asked for by neighbours!


You will be amazed at how much thatch and moss comes out of your lawn when properly scarified! The good news is that it is quite light so can usually be disposed of in your compost heap, green waste bin, or bagged up and taken to the local tip. We can lend our clients on our Annual Lawn Care Programme our jumbo bags for them to take the debris to the tip in, and collect them on our next treatment visit. For lawns over 500 Sqm we would advise you organise a skip to be delivered the day before we are due to arrive.

Our Lawn Restarter Package is great for creating a newly seeded lawn at a much cheaper price than re-turfing. This is ideal for really weedy or mossy lawns, those full of weed grasses such as Annual Meadow Grass (Po Annua) and those with heavy surface thatch.

If your lawn has severe drainage issues, is on very poor soil, has buried rubble or is bumpy or uneven, then it will require turfing for best long-term results. Turfing is usually an easier option if you have a lot of sub-surface thatch, where walking on your lawn feels like walking across a spongy mattress.

For turfing and our Lawn Restarter Package, we recommend that you have our regular lawn treatments to give the best start. This will provide the required nutrients, and we can also treat any weeds that seed to avoid them competing with the grass.

Our Aeration services and Lawn Booster Package are regarded as an important regular maintenance services, and are therefore only available to clients as additions to our Annual Lawn Care Package.

No, unfortunately to ensure quality and to protect our reputation, we will only install materials supplied by us.

Yes, it is vital that the top layer of soil remains moist until the roots of your new lawn have properly established and can reach deeper soil that retains sufficient moisture. Aftercare guidance can be found on our turfing and lawn renovation pages.

Lawn Care Questions:

Grass, being a plant, requires a balanced range of nutrients to grow and thrive. Being in an outside environment, weeds and moss are always competing to grow in the same space. By treating these weeds and moss, making the soil and conditions more favourable to grass and improving the grass health through proper nutrition, lawn care helps create a lush lawn.

Lawn care products are available in garden centres and DIY stores, but these are no where near as effective as those available to professional lawn care providers. The 4 in 1 products often cause more harm than good, and we often get called out to repair or replace lawns where customers have applied their own treatments. Our fertilisers are specially formulated to carefully release nutrients when the grass needs them without scorching lawns or creating excess run-off into water courses.

Our weed control products need special training and qualifications to buy and legally apply them. They need precise dilution and application with calibrated sprayers to avoid damage to surrounding plants and run-off into watercourses. Certified as safe to be applied in gardens and amenity areas, these lawn weed treatments are far superior and much more effective than those available to the public.

Yes! We advise you keep people and pets off the lawn until any liquid treatments have totally dried (usually 2 hours)n and keep grazing animals off the treated area for at least 2 weeks and until all the weeds have disappeared to avoid ingestion.

It is best to keep off the lawns as much as possible and not mow for 3-4 days after we have applied treatments to enable them to start working properly. Keep chickens, ducks and any pets off the lawn that might peck or eat fertiliser granules until these have dissolved into the ground.

We are happy to leave sections of your lawn untreated for these animals if easier, please just let us know beforehand.


Your lawn will benefit from our treatments at any time of the year, except if the ground is frozen! Please request your lawn care estimate now, it will include details of each seasonal treatment and the next steps to start your journey to a better lawn.

Most of our treatments will get to work more quickly with water! The only exception is weed treatment, which is normally rain-fast within an hour. We may reschedule weed treatments if rain is forecast.

Depending on the time of ear, our fertilisers will normally improve the appearance of your lawn within a week or two, greening up the grass.

Treated weeds usually start to wither and yellow after a couple of weeks, and will gradually break down or be mown off the lawn.

Moss is dehydrated by our Iron treatments and will start to turn black within hours. This should the be raked out of your lawn. 
If you have a lot of moss, the scarification included in our Lawn Booster Package will help rake it out and make room for the grass to grow.

No, most of our clients are out or working when we treat their lawns. We will require clear external access of at least 80cm wide to your lawns, so please ensure you can leave a side gate unlocked for us if you can’t be home.

We will send you a link to set up your details securely with our payment processor, GoCardless. You can Pay as You Go, your account will be debited via GoCardless each time we treat your lawn, or we are happy for you to pre-pay for the season by BACS if you prefer.

No, we hope you will stay with us when you see how great your lawn will look!

Our lawn care services are provided on the basis of your acceptance of our Lawn Care Terms and Conditions.

Leather jackets, chafer grubs, moles and ants can destroy your lawns. Please see our Lawn Pest Control Page for information about lawn pest treatments.

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