Does your lawn need some TLC?

Lawn Booster Package - Lawn Repair Maidstone, Malling, Medway, Kent

Bring your lawn back to life with our lawn renovation. We can transform YOUR lawn.

Lawn repair and renovation in Kent

Does your lawn need reviving?

Our Lawn Booster Package brings tired, patchy, lawns back to life with scarification, over-seeding and soil improver application.
This package should be regarded as important regular maintenance treatment for quality lawns.
Most lawns will benefit from this service every 12-24 months, depending on the desired quality of your lawn.

If your lawn is old, thin, patchy, has surface thatch, or is recovering from lawn pests, it will benefit from our Lawn Booster Package.
For lawns that have more weeds than grass, heavy thatch or that have been neglected for many years, our Lawn Restarter Package or turfing services will be required.

Based in Bearsted, Maidstone, we provide lawn repair and renovation services in Allington, Kings Hill, Langley, Barming, Maidstone, Rochester and the surrounding areas.

This Package is available as an addition to your  Annual Lawn Care Programme.


Local Lawn Improver Services

How do you keep lawns healthy and lush?

If your lawn is just a bit tired looking or bare, our Lawn Booster Package can give it a new lease of life. This comprises a two-pass scarification in different directions, a soil improver application, a light over-seed and drag mat finish. This is only available to clients on our Annual Lawn Care Programme.

Regular scarifying is an essential part of lawn care. Reducing harmful thatch build up, raking out dead moss, improving water, air and nutrient access through the soil and encouraging grass to thicken, our professional lawn scarification machines are far superior than DIY style lawn rakes, costing several thousand of pounds.

Thatch is a layer of dead grass, vegetation, stolon roots and mosses that builds up at the base of your grass plants. If left it will soak up water and nutrients, preventing these and air from reaching the soil and grass roots. It will also encourage and harbour moss and fungal diseases that harm your grass. 

A light thatch layer helps protect the soil, but heavy thatch causes lawns to fail. Finer grasses, especially fescues, create a lot of thatch and will benefit from scarification at least once a year. We over-seed lawns as standard after scarification to fill any bare patches.

Using heavy duty, fixed sharp metal blades, we verti-cut your lawn, creating a bed for the new grass seed to germinate and establish. Most of our scarifiers have specialist contra-rotating blade rotors that dig into the sward to provide outstanding results. We use the same type of scarifiers as top golf courses and sports grounds, including Sisis and Eliet machines.

Grasses produce seed heads that will naturally fill in bare patches to replace old grasses.
In lawns regular mowing removes these seed heads so regular over-seeding is required to maintain a dense sward and help outcompete weeds and moss.

Our specialist soil improver helps buffer soil PH to improve growth and nutrient availability to the grass. It will also help deflocculate clay soils, encourage beneficial microbial activity and boost the health of your soil for a better lawn.

Below is a step by step guide to our Lawn Booster Package:


1 - Scarification

Our professional grade lawn scarifiers fitted with specialist blades will remove thatch, dead grass and moss. We will undertake two passes of your lawn in different directions for a thorough job. The debris is then raked up and bagged, or put in your skip or compost pile.


2 - Soil Improver

This combined fertiliser and soil amendment will encourage microbial activity, buffer soil PH and help deflocculate clay soils.


3 - Over-Seeding

Using the highest quality coated lawn grass seed mix, we apply an even layer of seed which settles into the loose soil. This is important to fill in any unsightly bare patches that could host weeds or moss if left.

4 - Drag Mat Finish

We work our drag-mats over the lawn to work the seeds into the soil for great contact and better germination.


Patchy lawn damaged by leather jackets


Straight after our Lawn Booster Package


A few weeks later!


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Based in Maidstone, we are an independent, non franchised family business


Members of the UK Lawn Care Association, BASIS Lawn assured & The Amenity Standard Accredited


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Questions & Answers

Below are some commonly asked questions, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements:

Why should I choose The Lawn Transformers for turfing and lawn care?

Our entire team take huge pride in transforming old, tired lawns into a stunning feature of your garden. 
Qualified and insured, with over 18 years experience, we are UKLCA members, Basis Lawn Assured, and The Amenity Standard accredited. 

We can transform your lawn initially, and provide a full ongoing lawn care programme to keep it lush and healthy.

Putting quality at the forefront, we really do want to give you a lawn to be proud of.

What kind of grass seed do you use?

The beauty of over-seeding your lawn is that we can choose different seed mixes for different lawn types. We have seed for shady lawns, hard wearing family lawn seed, fine grass seed and our ever popular blended coated lawn seed.

Can I scarify my own lawn?

Our scarifiers are totally different from the lawn rakes or scarifiers sold on Amazon and in DIY stores. These often have flimsy blades, light electric motors or wire tine rakes. Whilst these will rake out light thatch and moss, they won’t make an impact on heavy thatch or open up the soil surface.

Some hire shops have petrol scarifiers, but by the time you pay for hire, delivery, collection, fuel, insurance and deposit, prices soon add up. Scarifying and collecting up the huge amount of debris it creates really is hard work, and lawns are easily damaged if you scarify at the wrong depth or in the wrong weather conditions.

We also over-seed you lawn with professional grade lawn seed after scarifying, apply soil improver and finish the surface with our drag mats, giving superior results.


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