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Our lawn renovations transform tired, patchy, weedy, thatchy areas into lush, healthy lawns.

Based in Bearsted, Maidstone, we provide lawn repair and renovation services in Aylesford, West Malling, Lenham, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kings Hill and the surrounding areas.

Unlike most landscaping and turfing companies, we can professionally care for your newly renovated lawn with our ongoing lawn treatments. These keep lawns looking healthy and lush, so you can relax and enjoy your garden.


Local Lawn Renovation Services

How do you renovate lawns?

If your lawn is just a bit tired looking or bare, our Lawn Booster Package can give it a new lease of life. This comprises a two-pass scarification in different directions, soil improver, light over-seed and drag mat finish. This is available to clients on our Annual Lawn Treatment Programme.

For lawns that look beyond repair, are full of weeds or weeds grasses, or have just been neglected for years, our extensive Lawn Restarter Package can transform it at a lower cost than re-turfing. This will help smooth small surface bumps, but if your lawn is uneven, needs re-levelling or has a thick layer of sub-surface thatch, our Turfing Services will be the best way to give you an amazing lawn.

We’ve invested extensively in the very best specialist tools and machinery to enable us to get the ground and soil conditions perfect for lawn establishment. Combined with our extensive knowledge and experience, top quality materials and sheer hard work, the end result will be a beautiful lawn for you to admire and enjoy!

Below is a step by step guide to our Lawn Restarter Package:


1 - Kill existing weeds and weed grasses (Optional)

Our full weed treatment will kill off your old lawn, weeds and weed grasses. If you have just lawn weeds and your current grass species are suitable, we will instead apply a selective treatment to target just the weeds.

2 - Heavy scarification

Our professional grade lawn scarifiers fitted with heavy renovation blades will remove thatch, dead grass and vegetation. We will undertake several passes of your lawn in different directions for a thorough job. The debris is then raked up and bagged, or put in your skip or compost pile.


3 - Aeration

A main cause of failing and mossy lawns is compaction. We will heavily aerate the area to relieve compaction and open up the soil for the new grass roots. This improves surface drainage, nutrient uptake and allows air and water to get to the grass roots.


4 - Seeding

Using the highest quality coated lawn grass seed mix, we can select specialist cultivars to suit shady lawns, heavily used areas and family lawns. We apply an initial layer of seed which settles into the loose soil.


5 - Water Conserver

This specialist granular wetting agent travel through the soil with watering. Subsequent moisture will be held in the root zone layer for longer, where it can be utilised by the grass, making watering more effective.


6 - Soil Improver

This combined fertiliser and soil amendment will encourage microbial activity, buffer soil PH and help deflocculate clay soils.

7 - Top Dressing (Optional)

We normally use our special, super-fine compost based top dressing to cover the seeds and add important organic material into the topsoil. This increases soil health, retains moisture and helps protect the seeds from hungry birds.

8 - Over-seeding

Another layer of grass seed is applied to ensure a full, even coverage across your lawn. This also gives some surplus to allow for any seed that doesn't germinate or gets eaten.

9 - Drag Mat Finish

We work our drag-mats over the lawn to smooth the surface and work the seeds into the top dressing for great contact and better germination.


10 - A Few Weeks Later!

Seeds will germinate and start growing after a couple of weeks, depending on temperatures. Regular mowing will encourage the lawn to thicken up. You should be able to start using your lawn after 4 - 6 weeks.


11 - Aftercare

It is vital to keep the top 50-75mm of topsoil moist throughout the establishment period of your new lawn. If the germinated seeds dry out they will fail, so regular watering is essential. The lawn should be gently cut after around 3 weeks, on a high setting with a sharpened blade. For great results we advise you to take out our Annual Lawn Treatment Programme. We will then carry out germination checks during the next two seasonal treatment visits.


City & Guilds NPTC PA1 & PA6


We have been transforming lawns since 2004!


Based in Maidstone, we are an independent, non franchised family business


Members of the UK Lawn Care Association, BASIS Lawn assured & The Amenity Standard Accredited


We only use top quality materials and equipment for top quality results


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Questions & Answers

Below are some commonly asked questions, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements:

Why should I choose The Lawn Transformers for turfing and lawn care?

Our entire team take huge pride in transforming old, tired lawns into a stunning feature of your garden. 
Qualified and insured, with over 18 years experience, we are UKLCA members, Basis Lawn Assured, and The Amenity Standard accredited. 

We can transform your lawn initially, and provide a full ongoing lawn care programme to keep it lush and healthy.

Putting quality at the forefront, we really do want to give you a lawn to be proud of.

What kind of grass seed do you use?

The beauty of renovating your lawn is that we can choose different seed mixes for different lawn types. We have seed for shady lawns, hard wearing family lawn seed, fine grass seed and our ever popular blended coated lawn seed.

Is lawn renovation cheaper than re-turfing my lawn?

Yes! Our lawn renovation can bring tired lawns back to life at a lower cost than re-turfing.
If your lawn is bumpy, uneven or has thick sub-surface thatch, then turfing will be a preferable option.

Lawn restarter after 4 weeks

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