Does your lawn need aerating?

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Could your lawn benefit from aeration?

Lawn aeration is a vital part of improving and maintaining quality lawns.

Over time the soil particles below lawns will be pressed together, reducing the essential air spaces in the soil structure that allow for root growth along with air, water and nutrient passage.

Our lawn aeration services are available as part of our Lawn Restarter Package and Annual Lawn Care Programme.

Based in Bearsted, Maidstone, we provide lawn aeration/ spiking services in Aylesford, West Malling, Lenham, Harrietsham, Maidstone, Kings Hill and the surrounding areas.

Your lawn will be aerated by an experienced operator, using top quality, professional lawn aerators. We can provide a range of aeration types, including fracture tine, solid/ pencil tine or hollow tine aeration, depending on soil types and lawn conditions.


Local Lawn Aeration Services

Why does my lawn need aeration?

Regular aeration is essential if you want a healthy, lush lawn. 

Relieving compaction, improving surface drainage, encouraging better rooting and thicker grass sward, aeration is one of the best things you can do to improve your lawn.

Over time and with use, the small spaces between soil particles are reduced through compaction and natural fine particle movement. By aerating you lawn, these spaces are restored and enlarged.
This provides passages for water, air and nutrients to travel through the soil to the grass roots, encourages important microbial activity, and creates space for more root growth. The stronger the root system of your grass, the healthier, lusher and more disease resistant your lawn will be.

Aeration can help relieve sub-surface thatch, discouraging leather jackets and chafer grubs. Improving surface drainage can discourage moss growth too.


Solid Tine Aeration


Fracture Tine Aeration


Hollow Tine Aeration

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Questions & Answers

Below are some commonly asked questions, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements:

Why should I choose The Lawn Transformers for lawn aeration?

We take huge pride in transforming old, tired lawns into a stunning feature of your garden. 
Qualified and insured, with over 18 years experience, we are UKLCA members, Basis Lawn Assured, and The Amenity Standard accredited. 

We have a variety of lawn aerators so can provide the correct aeration type for your lawn, taking into account soil and seasonal conditions.

What kind of aerator do you use?

We own fracture tine, hollow tine-solid tine and pencil tine aerators, along with a surface lawn spiker reel that is great for breaking the surface ready for seeding or renovation.

Is professional lawn aeration cheaper than aerator hire and aerating my own lawn?

Our professional lawn aeration prices start from just £96.00 including VAT. This includes transport to and from your property, fuel, aerator hire and an experienced operator to do all the hard work. We use top quality professional lawn aerator machines and give the option of different aeration types.

Lawn aerators are extremely heavy (over 100kg), so it is very hard, tiring physical work operating them. They can also damage lawns and surrounding areas if you don’t know how to correctly operate them.

Hiring an aerator will typically cost £60.00 plus delivery and collection, plus fuel, plus insurance, plus you have to add the VAT to these prices and you will usually have to pay a deposit. You will also have to do all the hard work yourself, and will be limited to the type of aerator your hire shop has. We therefore believe that using The Lawn Transformers to aerate your lawn is a great choice and provides much better value than attempting DIY lawn aeration.

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Our lawn renovation services are available in Maidstone and the surrounding areas, and can cover the whole of Kent. Our main areas are:

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