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Wildlife friendly lawns from turf and seed Maidstone and Kent

Would you love some stunning, low maintenance colour in your garden whilst helping wildlife?

Our beautiful range of wildflower turf and seed blends can fill borders, cover low maintenance garden areas, and add a splash of colour to dull areas in your garden.

With a selection of native wildflowers, through to enriched mixes with bright flowering annuals, we have a choice of wildflower turf and seed mixes to suit your needs.

Our clover enriched lawn turf and seed blends require no chemical fertilisers, and less regular mowing than formal lawns, saving time and money whilst reducing environmental impact.
Containing hardy grasses, clover based lawns are hard wearing, deep rooting and drought resistant. The clover fixes nitrogen for the grass roots, staying greener through the Summer months.

Attracting bees, butterflies and a whole myriad of important wildlife to your garden, wildflower and clover lawns really do help our planet!

Most of our clients opt for the instant result of turfing, but for larger areas we have specialist, calibrated seeders that will plant the seed into the ground for best germination results. We can also tailor the seed mix to suit your project.


Wildflower Lawn Turfing Services

How do you lay wildflower turf?

Wildflower turf thrives in well draining, low – fertility soil, where it is more difficult for ornamental and lawn grasses to out compete the wildflowers.
Species such as Yellow Rattle will help keep competing grass in check.

Below is a step by step guide to a typical wildflower turf installation project:


1a - Remove existing turf

We will remove the existing turf and a layer of topsoil if it's really fertile to allow for more suitable soil installation.


1b - Stone burier

For small lawns where a skip wouldn't be a viable option, or lawns without existing grass, we often use our specialised stone burier machine. This will mill the ground, and special screening bars bury small stones, leaving a fine soil for the wildflowers to root into.


2 - Till/ decompact the ground

A main cause of issues with any planted area is soil compaction. For fairly level lawns we will heavily aerate the area to relieve compaction without inverting the soil profile. When areas need a lot of levelling or contain large stones or debris, we will use our power box rake or pin bucket to prepare the ground.


3 - Adding low-fertility topsoil

It is important that wildflower turf is laid on a low-fertility or "poor" soil to reduce competition from other plants and grass.

levelling area for wildflower turf

4 - Grading & firming

We rake final levels be hand, and then firm the area without over-compacting the soil. This removes air pockets that can lead to future sinking. For smaller lawns we will use the heeling technique, raking and repeating until firm. Our mechanical rotor rake will firm and level larger lawns.


6 - Profesional wildflower turf installation

Working from boards to avoid footprints and damage to the plants we carefully install each turf with care. We pull each turf tight into the adjoining one, eliminating any gaps. Joints are carefully married up, and we ensure great root to soil contact by gently pressing the turf to the soil surface. Edges are neatly trimmed, and we leave everything tidy when we finish.


7 - Enjoy!

Your wildflower turf may look a little plain when first laid due to harvesting and transport (and time of year). You will need to water the new wildflowers daily for the first few weeks whilst the roots get into deeper soil. Exciting new flowers will start to emerge through the Spring and Summer, giving a vibrant display!

What Our Clients Say

With an emphasise on quality and service, we are the 5 Star rated Kent lawn company.

"Very many thanks again Gary for the superb and professional work that you and Roy have done for us today. We are absolutely delighted with our new front lawn, you've restored our pride in the appearance of our bungalow! We would have no hesitation in recommending you to others in the knowledge that they would not be able to find a better lawn transformer! R & J, Whitstable."
R & J, Whitstable
"Blown away from the results. If you’re looking for a top professional finish. This is coming from someone who has a very high attention to detail and very picky about their lawn. Gary and his team would be the best people for it. I’ve a had a few landscapers working on my lawn and none stand up to the lawn transformers quality. Friendly guys always willing to answer any questions. Thank you guys"
"Very happy with the work carried out today (returf front garden and booster for rear garden). Know exactly what they are doing and the workmanship is quality! I have already signed up to use for yearly treatments! Be warned you get what you pay for with franchises and companies offering services at a price too good to be true. I am someone who is extremely fussy about my grass and Gary and The Lawn Transformers have exceeded expectations!! Must use company for lawn maintenance and returfing"
"Really happy with Gary and his team. Worked so hard and were very professional. Gary really knows his stuff about soil types and best turf to lay. Thoroughly recommend him."
"Very happy, a great service. Friendly and knowledgeable. Has done a great job. Saved me lots of time. Thank you"
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Great quality and very knowledgeable, highly recommended. Services: Grass seeding, Sod installation, Weed control
"Gary provides a first class and a fantastic professional service in which he has years of experience in, if you are thinking of have your lawn re turfed they only use 5 star turfs which are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend this service"
Paul W, Bexley

Why Choose Us?


City & Guilds NPTC PA1 & PA6


We have been transforming lawns since 2004!


Based in Maidstone, we are an independent, non franchised family business


Members of the UK Lawn Care Association, BASIS Lawn assured & The Amenity Standard Accredited


We only use top quality materials and equipment for top quality results


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Caring for your new wildlife friendly lawn

It is vitally important that your new lawn area is watered regularly until established. This is normally daily for the first 2-3 weeks for turf, or 2-3 times a day for seeded lawns, then a couple of heavy waterings weekly as needed.
The water needs to soak  into the top 50-75mm of topsoil with each watering.
It is vital that seeded lawns aren’t allow to dry out until the seedlings have established their root system.
A fairly good guide in most situations is to put an empty cup on the area during watering. When the water level fills the cup to around 12-15mm, that area should have received enough water. If gaps appear between the turfs, the plants start drooping, or browning, then it hasn’t received enough water.

It is important to keep off the new area as much as possible for the first couple of weeks, the watering will make the ground below the lawn quite soft and vulnerable to footprints.

For wildflower turf, cutting should be done in March – April at 5-7cm, then in late Summer or early Autumn, cutting the area down to around 5cm. Using a line trimmer / strimmer or long reach hedge cutters to cut the stems, then leaving the foliage to dry out for a couple of weeks before collection, enables the flowers to drop and re-seed the area. It is important that all cuttings are collected before they break down and fertilise the soil. 

Areas created from wildflower seeds should be mown to 5-7cm every two months or when it reaches around 15cm high, for the first year removing the cuttings.

Clover enriched lawns should be treated in a similar way to our regular grassed lawns, but won’t require regular fertilising and can be left for a longer period between cuts, reducing maintenance costs.

Questions & Answers

Below are some commonly asked questions, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your turfing requirements:

Why should I choose The Lawn Transformers to install my wildlife friendly lawn?

Our entire team take huge pride in transforming old, tired lawns into a stunning feature of your garden. 
Qualified and insured, with over 18 years experience, we are UKLCA members, Basis Lawn Assured, and The Amenity Standard accredited. 

We Own a huge range of ground preparation and seeding equipment to create the ideal foundation of your lawn. Putting quality at the forefront, we really do want to give you a lawn to be proud of.

I'm interested in having a wildlife friendly lawn, what happens next?
  1. Measure the area of lawn that needs turfing or seeding.
  2. Fill in our FREE online estimate form or call us on 01622 535767 for a free, no obligation estimate.
  3. If you are happy with our estimate, we will visit your garden if required, or book in a convenient start date.
  4. Once everything is agreed we will email you our Contract, and once agreed and initial payment has been received by us, we will reserve your start date and order materials.
  5. Our professional lawn installation team will arrive on the agreed start date (subject to weather) and prepare the ground, then install your turf in the designated areas or seed the areas with our specialist calibrated seeders.
Why have wildflowers in my garden?

Wildflower areas are important in attracting wildlife and important pollinators to your garden. An area of properly installed wildflowers will give you a stunning floral display for a large part of the year, and is extremely low maintenance.
We find some of our clients like to have a formal, weed free lawn, and use wildflowers to offset the removal of flowering plants in the main lawn, whilst continuing to feed and attract bees and butterflies.

Growing best on low-fertility soil to out compete weeds and stronger grasses, wildflower turf or seed is great for covering areas where normal grass would struggle without extensive soil improvements.

Is wildflower turf better than wildflower seeds?

We use specially grown, established wildflower turf to give the very best chance of establishment. 

Wildflower seed is much more cost effective than turf, and ideal for larger areas and wildflower meadows. It will require a bit more maintenance whilst establishing, and removal of any weeds initially.
Our turf is grown on a soil-less system over sheeting, and arrives with a thick matt of roots that help smother out any competition. We can also offer a variety of flower blends to suit your requirements and tastes.


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