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Lawn Turfing Eltham, London

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With over 18 years of installing top quality new lawns in the Eltham area, you can trust us to create the lawn of your dreams.
Covering South East London & Kent, we provide lawn levelling, lawn soil improvement and re-turfing services in Eltham, Avery Hill, Shooters Hill, New Eltham, and the surrounding areas.

If your lawns are tired, uneven, bumpy or have drainage issues, please get in touch today to see how we can help give you a lawn to be proud of.


Eltham Turfing Services

Look at the difference we have made to these lawns in Eltham!

How do you lay turf?

We put quality first and have a reputation as one of the very best turfing companies in Kent and South East London. Most of our work comes from recommendations when people see how we have transformed the lawns of their friends or family.

Every lawn is different in the required initial groundwork, and this is the important part to get right to ensure the long term quality of your new lawn.

We invest extensively in the very best specialist tools and machinery to enable us to get the ground and soil conditions perfect for turf establishment in pretty much any situation. Combining our extensive knowledge, experience, top quality topsoil and turf, plus sheer hard work, the end result will be a beautiful new lawn for you to admire and enjoy! 

Below is a step by step guide to a typical lawn re-turfing project:


1a - Remove existing turf

Our top of the range turf cutters will strip the old turf, weeds, moss and upper roots from your lawn surface. This is then cleared into your skip or compost pile.


1b - Stone burier

For small lawns where a skip wouldn't be a viable option, or lawns without existing grass, we often use our specialised stone burier machine. This will mill the ground, and special screening bars bury existing vegetation and small stones, leaving a fine tilth for the turf to root into.

2 - Till/ decompact the ground

A main cause of failing and mossy lawns is compaction. For fairly level lawns we will heavily aerate the area to relieve compaction without inverting the soil profile. When areas need a lot of levelling or contain large stones or debris, we will use our power box rake or pin bucket to prepare the ground.


3 - Topsoil

Most lawns (especially many new build lawns) will benefit from the addition of high quality topsoil to give your turf the best start. Using either an enriched BS3882:15 sandy loam or a finely screened virgin topsoil in most situations, we can also have bespoke topsoils blended for certain sites.

4 - Grading & Firming

We will rake final levels be hand, and then firm the area without over-compacting the soil. This removes air pockets that can lead to future sinking. We never use a whacker plate as this would destroy the soil profile! For smaller lawns we will use the heeling technique, raking and repeating until firm. Our mechanical rotor rake will firm and level larger lawns.


5 - Pre-turf fertiliser

A professional grade pre-turf fertiliser will be applied to your lawn to promote healthy root growth and a rapid establishment of your new lawn. A balanced blend with a high phosphorus content to encourage rooting.


6 - Profesional turf installation

Working from boards to avoid footprints and turf damage, we carefully install each turf with care. We pull each turf tight into the adjoining one, eliminating any gaps. Joints are carefully married up, and we ensure great root to soil contact by gently pressing the turf to the soil surface. Edges are neatly trimmed, and we leave everything tidy when we finish.


7 - Enjoy!

Sit back and admire your stunning new lawn! You have a little bit to do though - your new lawn will need daily watering (usually around and hour a day) for the next couple of weeks whilst initially establishing, then as and when needed. It should be ready for it's first mow in 2-3 weeks, using a sharp blade and a high setting. You can then relax, enjoy and show off your new lawn!

Why Choose Us?


City & Guilds NPTC PA1 & PA6


We have been transforming lawns since 2004!


Based in Maidstone, we are an independent, non franchised family business


Members of the UK Lawn Care Association, BASIS Lawn assured & The Amenity Standard Accredited


We only use top quality materials and equipment for top quality results


Reliable, top quality service

How Do You Look After Newly Laid Turf?

It is vitally important that your newly turfed lawn is watered regularly until established. This is normally daily for the first 2-3 weeks, then a couple of heavy waterings weekly as needed.
The water needs to soak through the turf, and into the top 50-75mm of topsoil with each watering. You can lift a corner of the turf to gauge this, then firm it back down.
A fairly good guide in most situations is to put a clear cup on the lawn during watering. When the water level fills the cup to around 12-15mm, that area should have received enough water. If gaps appear between the turfs, they start going grey/ silver, or browning, then it hasn’t received enough water.

It is important to keep off the lawn as much as possible for the first couple of weeks, the watering will make the ground below the lawn quite soft and vulnerable to footprints.

Mowing can be undertaken once the turf is well rooted and you can’t lift any corners. This is usually after around 2-3 weeks. You should just take the very top of the grass off during the first mow, then gradually reduce cutting heights with each mow. The key is to not remove more than 1/3rd of the grass blade height in any one mow.
The eventual height of the grass should be 30-40mm, depending on grass species and season.

What Our Clients Say:

With an emphasis on quality, we are Kent’s 5 star rated turfing company.

"Really happy with Gary and his team. Worked so hard and were very professional. Gary really knows his stuff about soil types and best turf to lay. Thoroughly recommend him."
"Very happy, a great service. Friendly and knowledgeable. Has done a great job. Saved me lots of time. Thank you"
"Great quality and very knowledgeable, highly recommended."
"Gary provides a first class and a fantastic professional service in which he has years of experience in, if you are thinking of have your lawn re turfed they only use 5 star turfs which are of the highest quality. I would highly recommend this service."

Questions & Answers

Below are some commonly asked questions, please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your turfing requirements:

Why should I choose The Lawn Transformers for turfing and lawn care?

Our entire team take huge pride in transforming old, tired lawns into a stunning feature of your garden. 
Qualified and insured, with over 18 years experience, we are City & Guild NPTC Qualified, UKLCA members, Basis Lawn Assured, and The Amenity Standard accredited. 

Putting quality at the forefront, we really do want to give you a lawn to be proud of.

What kind of turf do you use?

There have been some horror stories in the press and on TV showing companies laying cheap turf laid by cowboys. One was even cutting the turf from grazing land!

Our turf is sourced from established TGA member growers in the UK, mainly in Kent and Suffolk.
Grown from select lawn grass cultivars chosen for appearance, disease resistance, and durability, it is  typically grown for at least 18 months before harvesting for a strong root system.

What are the next steps to getting my lawn turfed?
  1. Measure the area of lawn that needs turfing.
  2. Fill in our FREE online estimate form or call us on 01622 535767 for a free, no obligation estimate.
  3. If you are happy with our estimate, we will either visit your garden if required, or book in a convenient start date.
  4. Once everything is agreed we will email you our Contract, and once agreed and initial payment has been received by us, we will reserve your start date and order materials.
  5. Our professional turf layers will arrive on the agreed start date (subject to weather) and install your dream lawn.
  6. You can sit back and admire your stunning transformed lawn. 

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We lay turf in Eltham and the surrounding areas, covering South East London and the whole of Kent.

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